Mission Statement


To bring together as much information as possible of the wonderful world of the cartophilic culture and in particular Australian and New Zealand issues.

The phenomonem of card collecting goes way back into history where cards were inserted into cigarette and tobacco products. But here we want to focus more on the products related to bubblegum. The main reason for this is because the origin of the cards come primarily from the U.S. and through the time particularly in the 1960's, Scanlens either reprinted cards from companies such as Topps using the Scanlens twins logo or redistributed cards from companies such as Donruss.

We will endeavour to bring links of particular cards to such companies as England's AB & C, Holland' s Monty Gum, Canda's O Pee Chee and the United States Topps where Scanlens and Allens & Regina either redistributed, repackaged or created cards / stickers / tattoos from certain product, usually with bubblegum.

We will also show how the designs on certain cards such as Laugh in and Mod Squad suited the psychadelic trend of that era.

The reason why we are doing this is mainly because the cartophilic culture is just as popular today as it was 40 or 50 years ago and beyond. So while this project is an online museum, we also want to bring the museum to shopping centres and schools.

There is no doubt that this will be a monumental project so we will appreciate all the help we can get with information, material etc.

This is a non profit website for fans and collectors to share information and memories of Scanlens cards and products.